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Barista Training Program




2 days

About the Course

From mastering the espresso machine to creating exquisite latte art, participants will gain practical insights into the world of specialty coffee. Whether you're dreaming of a career in a bustling café or simply want to elevate your home coffee experience, our Barista Training Course is your gateway to becoming a skilled and knowledgeable barista.

Course Highlights

  • Espresso Fundamentals: Learn the basics of espresso extraction, grind settings, and shot timing.

  • Milk Frothing Techniques: Master the art of steaming milk for various coffee beverages.

  • Latte Art Workshop: Hone your skills in creating beautiful and intricate latte art designs.

  • Coffee Bean Selection: Understand the importance of coffee bean origin, flavor profiles, and brewing variables.

  • Customer Service Excellence: Explore the key elements of providing exceptional service and building customer relationships.

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